Meet the Elfs

We Bring the Kids is a blog for us, and others, to share what we do, not because we think people will like us but because we think there are many people that are like us. Like so many parents, we are on a parenting journey – learning, experiencing and sharing all of the amazing things that happen as we begin living life for our children instead of ourselves. #WeBringTheKids, the phrase, was born April 8, 2015 on our flight to Spain for 2 weeks. We recognized that “we bring the kids” became our standard response to numerous friends that asked “what are you doing with the boys?” Then we’d hear “you’re brave” or “ohh, vacation for us is without the kids.” We’re high school sweethearts since 1999 and married since 2006. Allow ourselves to introduce…ourselves.

About Us Whole Fam

Who are we?:
The Elfenbeins – Marty, Danny Landon and Jake.
Where are we?:
Permanently in Miami, FL but dreaming globally.
Why this blog?:
To share with and learn from others. We believe that through travel, nature, food & experiences, families that go together, grow together.
What’s on the blog?: Honest, humorous and helpful thoughts or tips related to travel and parenting.

About Us Marty 2I’m Marty, an attorney and hard-working litigator for the last ten years.  After a 17-mile whitewater rafting trip (my first ever) in Costa Rica in 2007, I’ve since had a thirst for active, adventure travel.  Working hard during the week to enjoy the weekend with my family, I look forward to planning our family vacations and staycations, ranging from hiking the 27-mile Inca Trail to Machu Pichu (before we had kids) to hiking through Sequoia National Park with a baby in tow hoping to spot a bear.

As the only woman in the house, outnumbered by men 4 to 1, including our dog, I’ve learned to love all “boy” things while teaching Landon and Jake to respect all “girl” things (like baking cupcakes). We’re also teaching them that children can do anything they try to.

I’m Danny and most of my friends call me Elf. Unlike Marty, I had early-onset “adventuritis” and somewhere along the way I got interested in cooking and gardening as part of my domestication (Marty is worth it!) I play ultimate frisbee and I walk our dog barefoot, but no, I am not a hippy, not yet at least.

Professionally, my career has been a unique mix of community service from being the 1st employee of the Miami Marathon, director at a zoo and now in healthcare and wellness. Truth is, not sure what  was meant to do in life but I am pretty sure that being a dad is what I will end up doing best.

Landon About Us 2Here is Landon James (born December 2010). We named him the day Landon Donovan scored a World Cup game winner against Algeria, then two weeks later he got his middle name when Lebron decided to play in Miami. Like his namesakes, Landon has become the ultimate sports fan. His days are a mix of soccer practice, imaginary football in the family room or waking up to watch Sportscenter. But what makes him special is a yearning to explore and to do good things. He is amazed by nature, having hiked without complaint in California and Spain by age 4. He believes he can make things better and does monthly neighborhood trash clean-ups.

Jake About UsThen there’s Jake (born April 2013), the ultimate momma’s boy. In Landon’s first act of brotherhood, he chose to name his brother after Jake the pirate from Disney Junior. Like so many second born kids, he has a little more edge to him. It’s survival and adaptation, right? Jake is usually doing the toddler version of parkour, climbing and jumping off of anything he can find while counting to 20 (usually skipping “15”.) Jake is a little bit harder to define because he is still figuring things out. He’s always willing to dig in dirt, splash in puddles and hold any creature.

Hopper close upFinally, our first born and furry son, Hopper (born May 2004). Our miniature schnauzer with a major personality has enjoyed brotherhood intensely. He has found so many things to pee on and has adapted his diet to include servings of dirty diapers and anything off the plates of Landon and Jake. Dog walks have become adventures with the boys, finding hawks, lightning bugs and trash to clean up while Hopper hits his number ones and twos.