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Where we Eat in Coral Gables


For those of you looking for a day or night in Coral Gables – The City Beautiful, we have a list of some of the restaurants we suggest you dine at for either a fine, gourmet experience or a simple, casual and family friendly meal. In no specific order and updated as we try new places.

  1. Ortanique on the Mile | Local staple known for colorful Caribbean inspired food and decor with fresh, flavorful seafood, salads and cocktails.
  2. Swine Southern Table & Bar | Local trendsetter focused on…more than pig. Southern style sides and hearty plates, a well respected brunch and a well-known bar offering.
  3. California Pizza Kitchen | Sometimes, a CPK is the perfect stop for the kids. Solid pizza, cold drinks and “fast casual” to get home earlier.
  4. Eating House | Small but fantastic menu pairs protein with flavors you don’t imagine. For brunch, think Cap N’ Crunch pancakes or key lime pie waffles. Small joint, not great for kids.
  5. Books & Books | Gables favorite, the outdoor courtyard seating pairs live music, a cafe menu, selection of hot cups or cold brews and books as you wish. Great kids books section.
  6. Pummarola Pizzeria | Small, authentic(ish) Italian with limited and traditional pasta and pizza menu.
  7. Ben & Jerry’s | In the times of make your own yogurt, a good Ben & Jerry cone still packs the flavors!
  8. My Ceviche | More than raw fish, get your fast pick of salads, tacos, burritos and sides of quinoa. Kids might enjoy the sides of popcorn that come with the meal.

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